Alexandria Workout

Lower Trail BridgeYesterday we traveled to Alexandria to workout on the rail trail,  starting at the Lower trail head. It’s one of my favorite places to both run and travel to. My previous post titled Rails to Trails Workout explains a little more on that. Originally we had plans to do this workout on Wednesday but we got hit with some pretty nasty weather that day. We ended up doing a lighter workout on Wednesday and the main workout yesterday. Normally we push through all kinds of weather but now that I’m training for a marathon, that happens to only by 5 weeks away today, the workout volume is a little larger so it just didn’t seem wise to gut through 2 plus hours in cold sleet. The weather conditions yesterday ended up being close to perfect so we made the right decision.  We warmed up, did drill work, strides, I took a PowerBar Gel, and we got started. The workout consisted of longer fartlek intervals at just around marathon pace. The target recovery pace was supposed to be a little faster than normal as well. I felt relaxed and comfortable from the start and was even able to enjoy the scenery a little bit. We made it further out on the trail than I’ve ever been and crossed some beautiful bridges and what looked to be some kind of historical site just before turning around. I took another Power Bar Gel a little after 30 minutes to help carry me through the 2nd half of the workout. On the way back I felt even more warmed up and was able to increase the tempo a bit and finish strong. I did a few more drills, took another PowerBar Gel, drank some PowerBar Recovery drink, and got going on the cool-down. It felt great to be done and enjoy the scenic ride back to State College. We  got back and took a short nap and got ready for a yummy steak dinner at the Tavern, thanks to the Downtown State College gift card given to me by the State High Cross Country Team, thanks girls! We finished off the day sitting by the fire in the tap room catching up with Pat Daugherty, Tavern owner and also our neighbor. I have to admit I was pretty tired at the end of  the day but it was that good kind of tired, the kind that doesn’t bother you because you are now one step closer to your goals.

Next up, long run at Tussey Mountain! I’ll have a report on that early next week.

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