Long Run at Rothrock

My long run was done on the mountain roads of Rothrock State Park. At the start of the run the temperature was in the low 30’s and I was bundled up as if it were below zero. Luckily I warmed up quickly throughout the first several rolling miles. Then it was time for the first big climb. I felt pretty strong for this section. The gravel and dirt road was coated in more snow and ice the closer I neared the top but it didn’t phase me because of how focused I was to complete the climb.

My Oakley Commits were much needed because both the sun and snow were super bright at the top. I took a PowerBar Gel as I crested the top and began the trek around the other side of the mountain. Two shirtless backpackers popped out of the woods and startled me, both for just being there and their lack of clothing in such chilly temps. Luckily Artie was driving next to me otherwise I’d be a little freaked out. Adjusting to some downhill after the long climb took a minute but after that I was able to enjoy the massive views. One particular lookout is an all time favorite.

On most other runs I’d stop to take in the view for a minute but not this time, this run was all business.  I practiced taking some fluids with the PowerBar Endurance Drink, which I love.  I noticed that if I have my head tipped down a bit it’s a little easier for me  to drink while running so I’m kind of excited about that.  I finished the run feeling pretty good actually. I ran for well over two hours and felt strong throughout. Of course some of the climbs had their moments but  I didn’t have a problem pushing on which is always a great feeling. I drank plenty of  PowerBar Recovery Drink right after and took a well deserved hot shower.

My next workout will involve some faster turnover, and I believe the track, which should be interesting.

3 thoughts on “Long Run at Rothrock

  1. Watch out for bears and bare naked hikers in Rothrock! I imagine the Rothrock will be microspike-only running soon enough. Though some sure-footed small runners seem to get by on icy roads. Rothrock snow road running can be enjoyable nonetheless.

  2. Sounds like your training is going well and running those mountain should bode well for you when you run in Houston. Hope the training continues to progress nicely for you :)

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