A Fresh Start

I am so proud to announce that I am now part of the Oiselle Elite Team, AKA, the Haute Volee team, French for high flyer. Oiselle, (pronounced wazell) is a French word for bird,  is a women’s running apparel company that not only creates incredibly cool, fashion forward gear, they celebrate women’s running, and I am so thrilled to be a part of that! The Oiselle crew has already been super supportive of my dreams and ambitions in running that they feel like family. I am so very grateful.

A lot has happened since my last post.  Over the past twelve months I took many frustrating steps backwards before I could take any steps forward.  In the end, I resolved a nagging three year foot injury which is just monumental.  And, last week I finally had surgery to remove six kidney stones from my right kidney. It turns out those suckers had been in there for many, many years and needed to come out. I didn’t actually find out about the spikey gems until April, when the pain was too much to take, leading me to the ER. Going back as far as 2000 I’ve, off and on, felt a deep pain in the area of my right kidney. I’ve dealt with the pain in some of my races too. In the marathon trials I was doubled over with a stabbing pain for about a half mile just before the half way mark. Luckily it faded off enough for me to finish.  When addressing my doctors with the problem they would say it was just muscular. So, I pushed on. My post-surgery recovery last week was nothing less than miserable and made me question whether or not I made the right choice. In the long run, pun intended, it was what needed to be done. Enduring some suffering in order to reach the level I should be at is just a part of training and has defined who I am. Fortunately, the doctors revealed that I’m incredibly healthy and that the only cause of my stone formation was that I needed to drink more fluids to prevent any crystalization in my kidneys.  So, it’s all about guzzling more H2O and PowerBar Recovery drink right now.

Training has been moving along really well for the first time in a year. I decided a couple months ago to run a fall marathon. It’ll only be my second marathon but this time it will NOT be a five week crash course in marathon preparation like my first one was. We’re still in the early stages of things but I’m fueling up for the effort with PowerBar, am working out now, and my mileage is gradually increasing each week.



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