Moving Right Along

Since my last post, which updated you on my series of set-backs, things have been moving right along without a hitch. I really can’t complain at all about how my training has been going. With everything that has happened in the last year, I’m just so thrilled to be back out there and finally healthy.  Throughout these last three months, since the removal of my seven kidney stones, I’ve noticed a feeling of renewal. I’m guessing that my body is now filtering things more efficiently without a bunch of stones getting in the way.  My diet, which has always been a very healthy one, is also somewhat new and improved. I’ve been drinking a lot more water and have eliminated salty snacks. For years I had been snacking a little too much on what I figured were healthy quinoa chips. While they are good for you, in moderation, they are loaded with sodium and too much sodium is the perfect recipe for stones. I’ve now switched to carrots and hummus as part of my in between meals snack and I make sure to finish every meal with water to help with digestion. I’m still drinking my favorite PowerBar recovery drink after hard efforts, I just make sure to finish it off with some extra water.

Getting to the specifics of my training, again, I can’t complain. Over the last three months I’ve just gradually built up my mileage and have been getting one to two workouts in a week and a long run  for over a month now.  So far, my workouts have ranged from progression runs, pick-ups or fartlek, to long and short hill repeats. On Friday I was pumped to hit the track for the first time in over a year for some 400m repeats. I can usually tell if a workout is going well if I start enjoying the scenery during my recovery jogs, which I did. It was late afternoon so I watched a full moon rise above Mount Nittany as the workout progressed.  All of my workouts have felt very challenging, as any workout should, but I’ve also felt strong and within myself for all of them.

I want to add that my feet have been very happy during this training buildup. I’ve been wearing Injinji toe socks and pretty much haven’t put any other sock on since I’ve tried them. I of course wear sneakers with the socks; just wanted to clarify that so there’s no confusion about me becoming a barfoot runner, that will never happen. The Injinji socks help with foot circulation, prevent blisters, and will help your overall posture. I’ve done just about every run in them and all of my workouts and even plan to race in them next week!

Yup, I’m racing! I’ll be running in the Berwick Run For Diamonds on Thanksgiving day. It’s a nine mile race that’s over 100 years old and has seen many legends toe the line along the way. It’ll be my frist race in a year and four months so I’m really excited to post a result. Plus, I’ll be wearing my sparkly new Oiselle uniform which is exciting in itself. As an artist, I just want to say how unique this uniform is with its graphics, color combo, and cut. It’s already made a big statement out there so I’m really proud to be a part of that.

Racing Gear

We also finished up another State High Cross Country season a couple weeks ago. The season as a whole presented some challenges but overall we were solid throughout. The State Meet wasn’t our best  showing, 13th, but I felt like the ladies learned and grew a great deal from some of the obstacles they faced. As their coach, I’m not too proud to say that I think I did the same. Today it’s back to work though as we start the indoor track season.

I’ll be sure to give an update about how the Run For Diamonds goes, so check back to find out.

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