About Me


800m (Personal Best: 2:07.2)
1500m (Personal Best: 4:12.07)
Mile (Personal Best: 4:34.27)
3k (Personal Best: 9:01.08)
5k (Personal Best: 15:34.85 (track), 15:29 (road))
5 Mile (Personal Best: 26:11)
10k (Personal Best: 32:36.05 (track), 32:29 (road))
15k (Personal Best: 51:08)
20k (Personal Best: 1:08:39)                                                                                                                                     Marathon (Personal Best 2:35:57

Coach: Artie Gilkes

Occupation: Graduate student, high school cross country and track coach, artist

Years of Running Experience: 24

Favorite Race Venue: Tufts 10k

Favorite Rave Event: 5k

Favorite Training Session: Hill repeats and long runs on mountain roads in Rothrock State Park

Least Favorite Training Session: Easy recovery runs

Why Do You Run?: Running allows me to test my courage on many different levels.

Favorite Quote: “The athlete and the artist lived in the same world and did the same thing: they both asserted the spirit in order to thrust the individual beyond time and achieve something permanent.”-A.Bartlett Giamatti

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    I am SO SO happy for all of your success (it is not surprising). I still have vivid memories of seeing the back of your t-shirt when you took off from the pack on our Robert Frost runs at UMass :).

    Monica (Elmore) Massaro

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    First, congratulations on all of your successes. It’s nice to hear that you were able to overcome so much adversity with your injuries.
    I was reading an interview you did with RW and was inspired to try to contact you. I’ve been dealing with a very similar issue as you and have yet to find someone who can help me get back to running. I started running about 6 years ago in my later 20’s and after getting hooked, couldn’t understand how I’d gone so long without it in my life. It was as if I’d found my one true soul mate. I started running with a local track club (Greater Boston TC) and was seeing my times lower dramatically. Then I started experiencing a series of injuries to my left leg. First it was achilles tendonitis and then high hamstring issues that turned out to be tendinosis. My last racing year was 2005, I did a few early 06′ races but started running pw’s because I was limping through the races. So like you I started to try to figure out what was going on. Now, mid 2009 I was just told, after seeing numerous doctors and spending thousands of dollars that I have a leg length discrepancy. I had a pelvic x-ray to confirm it’s anatomical. My right leg is 15 mm, about a half inch shorter than my left leg. So my left leg has been carrying more load for a long time and running aggravated it. I do have a slight curvature in my spine because of this. My pelvis and sacrum were twisted which is believed to have been causing the tendinosis. I’ve been seeing a osteopathic doctor in Boston who has worked me into a lift for my right leg and has been trying to get my pelvis and sacrum neutral. I’m still experiencing discomfort in my left ham (high) and am still not running. I have decided to continue to pursue this issue as the last time I saw him and asked about running, the reply was that he didn’t think I should run again, period. This is not the response I was hoping to hear and certainly not advice I’m willing to accept. I was wondering if you could share some more information about the person you saw in Pennsylvania that helped you get back to running without pain? I feel like if I could just find the right person to work with then I could have a shot at returning to running without pain again. I felt some sense of hope after reading your interview.

    I wish you continued success.


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